Is PHP Still Relevant in 2018?

My first ever app that had server-side was written in PHP. It was a very simple messaging platform. Learning to use PHP in practice was fun and rewarding. But is it still relevant in 2018? That is a question that I am going to answer in this blog post.

Finding a job as a PHP developer

According to, there are over 5700 PHP developer job offers in the United States at time of writing this article and over 14000 job offers that include keyword “PHP”.  The average salary for PHP developer according to is $84,919. Another website, that is called tells us that an entry level PHP developer earns $57,827 a year on average.

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So there is still demand for PHP developers and you can make a nice income with it. Most of the web-developers are multi-skilled and PHP can be one of your tools.


Big websites that still use PHP


When Facebook was created, it was a pure PHP website. Now that is has grown and evolved, it uses many different technologies. They even created a new programming language based called Hack. But PHP is still a big part of Facebook.


WordPress is probably the most popular blogging platform. It runs entirely on PHP. This enough for me to prove that it is still relevant as a programming language.


Wikipedia is 5th on Alexa ranking of top websites. It is build mostly in PHP.


Although it is not as popular as Google, it is still a popular search engine. Search engine that uses PHP on the back-end.


Flickr is a popular image and video sharing platform that uses PHP and Java on the back-end.


PHP frameworks

There are many great frameworks that can make your life easier. Some of these frameworks make bigger, enterprise level PHP web apps possible. Laravel is one of the most popular. It is a popular and respected framework. It works for both small and big projects.


PHP community and learning resources

As with most programming languages, there are thousands of free tutorials online for this language. There are also many great paid courses on websites like Udemy.


So what is the conclusion?

I think that PHP is fun and easy programming language to learn. It is still used by big companies. It has been proven to be useful in different use cases. Frameworks like Laravel allow it to scale even more and make using it much easier. I do not know about you, but I see working as a PHP developer someday a possibility.


Please leave a comment if you think that I missed something or you just have your own thoughts. It would be nice to hear if you want to learn something specific in the next tutorial.


If you are a complete beginner in web-development, consider my latest HTML and CSS tutorial. Also, while I was reading questions on Quora, I found an interesting article about The Importance of a Technology Strategy. Read it if you are any interested. I find it somewhat relevant to the topic of this article.





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